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Africa is a diverse continent with diverse countries, all varied in the wildlife and infrastructure available to tourists.

The most frequently visited African Safari destinations and their highlights include:

  • Botswana – the Okavango Delta in Botswana is an amazing series of lagoons, lakes, and streams with a wide variety of wildlife. Mostly accessible only by airplane. Less crowded, higher-end safari.
  • Kenya – Popular safari destination for decades and easily accessible. Masai Mara park is one of the top safari destinations for the annual migration of the wildebeest, a classic safari adventure.
  • Namibia – Namibia”s Etosha National Park hosts the world”s tallest elephants and the rare black rhino. More than ninety other varieties of mammal live here.
  • Rwanda – Virunga National Park covers an area of about 48 square miles and includes six volcanoes and a mountainous region, home to a population of mountain gorillas.
  • Uganda – Uganda is known for its scenery, culture, and wildlife. The endangered mountain gorilla is its chief safari draw.
  • South Africa – Popular safari destination for the Big 5. Kruger National Park is one of the top safari destinations.
  • Tanzania – Dozens of animal species in a variety of settings from the Serengeti National Park to Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.

Experience the natural wonders of Africa on an African Safari adventure! No matter what travel style you enjoy, you can have the perfect African Safari adventure.