The word SAFARI is Swahili for travel, trip or journey. In the travel industry, safari refers to a type of travel that typically involves these elements:

  • At least one country in Africa
  • Extensive sightseeing, with an emphasis on wildlife sightings
  • An expert guide (although some self-guided safaris can be arranged, it is not recommended)

For animal and nature lovers, few types of travel are as rewarding as a safari. Many who have been will tell you that the countries of Africa connect with the human psyche like few other places… Africa is not a destination – it is a point of origin.

An African safari is a trip like no other. On safari, you come face to face with creation in all its glory, with nature at its most untouched. Few people come away from a safari the same as they first arrived. A safari is an opportunity to travel off of the beaten path, creating memories that last a lifetime. Like any specialized trip, the key to a successful safari is education, preparation, and planning.